Thursday, April 7, 2016

Greetings from the garden!!!  The garden is where I have spent every minute I had to spend when I had the energy to be there.  It's been an amazing spring thus far what with the super-early warm temperatures.  It seems to me and Sarah Ellen (our daughter and a fellow gardener) that everything has happened early this year.  And yet, the weather forecasters tell us a freeze is coming.  That's okay because all is in God's hands.  He set up all the earth systems and I'm sure He has it all under His control.  Besides, Habakkuk 3:3 tells us, " . . . His splendor covers the heavens, and the earth is full of His praise."  Even a frost is a form of praise to Him!

A brief update on my cancer situation for those who didn't see my post on Facebook about it:  yesterday (Wednesday, April 6, 2016) Kenny and I went downtown for my very last radiation treatment.  We are finished with the daily cancer business.  From now on, for a few years at least, we will be visiting the doctors every few months.  We are sooooooo relieved and so very thankful to God that I am now cancer free!  It has been an amazing year during which I have learned much about trusting God, praising Him in both what we humans consider to be the good, the bad and the ugly, and serving/loving others.  Thank you all for your many prayers, visits and encouragements over the past year.  Now I will pick up where I left off a year ago with the Gardens in Rabbit Valley. 

As I offered a year ago, I extend the invitation again to visit me in my gardens.  They're not ever in perfect condition, but then only God is perfect, right?  They are healing and beautiful.  There is always something happening, and right now what's happening is all the perennial plants and herbs are GROWING quickly!  Here's a brief rundown and pics of what's available to be dug up and taken home to your garden at this time.

Hosta - this picture is two weeks old.  The hosta have now grown to the point that they have almost entirely covered the soil around them.  These are very special and unique hosta.  I'm saving the story for another post very soon.  As with all wonderful things, there's a good story.  I call this hosta "Survivor."  Watch for the upcoming post to learn more.  Hosta "chunks" are available for $1 each.
Iris - a few of my iris are beginning to bloom.  Things are generally a week to two weeks later than other gardens around us because we are located right at the foot of White Oak Mountain.  My gardens get a couple of hours less sun than most in the area.  I will post more iris pictures as they bloom.  As are all my plants, iris roots are $1.
Sweet Annie - don't let this picture of an 8 inch tall plant fool you:  Sweet Annie grows to 8 feet!  or more if you let it.  Sweet Annie's fragrance makes it worth the space it takes up.  They need to be transplanted soon before the heat sets in and/or the roots get too extensive.  $1
Rose Campion - a very old fashioned plant.  Reseeds readily.  Has a marvelous fuschia-pink bloom like a little daisy.  The foliage resembles lamb's ear.  They bloom in May usually, but probably going to bloom earlier this year.  $1

Daylilies - these are just a few.  Last summer there was one set of leaves in each pot, and now look!  The blooms are pink and yellow.  Each pot is $1.

There is so much more ready to go!  Even if you aren't interested in purchasing, if you just want or need a leisurely stroll through a garden, I'm ready.  You can contact me via email:       or via private message on Facebook:  Valerie Stiner.  Of course if you have my phone number, you are welcome to call or text.  Hope to see you soon.

The Rabbit Valley Gardener

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