Monday, December 14, 2015

December Update

Greetings to everyone!!!  Hope you are all relishing the knowledge that Jesus loves you so very much!  I'm always troubled during this time of year because it's so evident that so many people celebrate the Christmas season for all the wrong reasons.  Please remember that God gave his only Son to show us how to live on this earth.  Then Jesus gave his life, dying an inhumane and grueling death, to pay for our sins.  He arose!!!!!  He arose from death to make it possible for you and me to commune with Him and our heavenly Father and live with them forever!  Praise God and Praise Jesus!

And during this Christmas season, the cancer battle wages on for me and so many others.  However, my battle has been and will continue to be successful! 

I had a partial mastectomy the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Surgery went well, and I had a fabulous week that week!  I was stunned that I didn't hurt more have bandages.  Then the very morning after Thanksgiving, trouble began.  That story is sort of gross, so suffice it to say that one of my incisions got infected and there was some drainage.  Well, a LOT of drainage.  I called Dr. Valle on Saturday morning to report.  He explained the situation, offered to meet me at the hospital to tend to the wound and other issue, or I could keep LOTS of bandage on the incision and come in to see him Monday.  I chose Monday because it wasn't an emergency, and bless his heart, he has enough to do!  The Monday after Thanksgiving, he drained the wound, bandaged it lightly, and sent me on my way with instructions to come back in two days.  At that visit, everything was looking much better. 

So now, I'm back on track with the healing and recovery.  Yay!

Last Wednesday Kenny and I went to see Dr. Schlabach, my oncologist.  He was thrilled with the after-surgery pathology report.  I will be visiting him every two months for at least the next two years. 

Today, we visited Dr. Gefter, my radiation oncologist.  We are getting ready to begin the radiation treatments in mid to late January.

And that's that!  I am feeling really good, resting some each day, and cherishing time spent focusing on Jesus and all He means to me.  And I must tell you, even if things were not going so well, Jesus would still be wonderful, I would still be cherishing time spent with Him, and God would still be worthy of receiving all my praises!

Hope each and every one who reads this celebrates God's most precious gift to us this Christmas:  His Son and the gift of eternal life with Him!  Blessed Christmas!

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  1. Yeeee haaaa! If God is for us who can be against us! I'm grateful to God for the healing work that He's doing! :-)